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Preschool English Fair

2023-12-15 19:06:35

INITIAL 2: “Discovering my world”

FIRST OF BASIC: “I can change the world”

Preschool students presented their English Fairs, both of them were planned to encourage children to follow their dreams, to believe in themselves, to make them feel empowered, that power that every child was born with, and our duty as adults is to motivate them to use it, to apply it, to develop it. Always support children goals, probably it might seem insane, difficult or hard, they might also fail, but remember that the success is made of both wise choices and mistakes.

I invite teachers and parents to keep stimulating children skills, they are always opened to try new things, don’t underestimate their capacity to acquire knowledge, their minds were made to be challenged, they only need the correct motivation to develop the power inside of them.